Posted: May 13, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality


By Melanie Nathan, 03/05/2012
I am an equality activist; I am staunch about the separation of biblical law and civil law.  My religious and spiritual life is not one that I expect others to adhere to, believe in or even respond to and so I do not use my pages to advocate religion. However as an activist who believes every single person in the world has THE right to love whom they choose, I believe every single person ought to be entitled to equality under laws that deal with coupling, whether it is the extending of obligations or rights to that couple.

When I write about equality for same-gender couples, as like many of my colleague bloggers, I receive loads of commentary quoting the bible, verbatim.   I moderate comments to my site and am known to allow even the most hateful and hurtful ones, which I truly in my heart…

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