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Posted: May 20, 2012 by Ty in Current Events
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Saturday, May 19, 2012
Its the hottest ticket in town. Originally available for $10, tickets to the ultra-Orthodox “anti-Internet” rally on May 20 at the 40,000-seat Citi Field in New York City are sold out. For those who simply have to be there, there are tickets online at ebay selling for three times the original amount.
‘Exorcist’ Author To Sue Georgetown University In Catholic Court
PHOTOS: Most And Least Religious Cities In The United States
Americans Overwhelmingly Negative About Country’s Moral Values
Health And Human Services Secretary Embraces Church, State Separation In Graduation Speech
Cleveland Catholics Are ‘Anxious And Edgy’ As Parish Reopenings Drag On
Chris Fici: A Hindu Response To Gay Rights
It is an unfortunate aspect of my experience within the Hindu tradition that I have experienced prejudice towards the gay community. It has always made me quite uncomfortable.
Christian Piatt: Are Atheists Better People Than Christians?
Back when I waited tables, the Sunday after-church crowd was the absolute worst of the week to wait on. It really killed me when, instead of leaving a tip, they’d leave a tract on the table. They justify this because saving my soul is a far greater gift than a couple of dollars.
Rev. Dr. Martha R. Jacobs: Are You Making Decisions About Your Health Care in a Vacuum?
Knowledge is power. There is no knowledge more important than to have knowledge about what all of your options are as you approach the end of your life or as you make decisions about life-changing conditions.
Brandon G. Withrow: Science and the Ups and Downs of Christ’s Ascension
What intrigues me about the ascension of Christ is not only what it tells me about the ancient world and its “scientific” knowledge of the universe, but also what it tells me about many Christians today.
Rabbi Asher Lipner, Ph.D.: For Jewish Orthodox Children: No Justice — No Peace
Jewish children will only be safe when Jewish and non-Jewish people of good conscience work together to demand that the rabbis stop covering up abuse, and that the prosecutors use all their resources and authority to bring the abusers to justice.
  1. The Fear of the Rabbis | Jewish Ultra-Orthodox Oppression | Jewish Sexual Abuse Amongst Ultra-Orthodox « The Age of Blasphemy says:

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