Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Recently, and not surprisingly, the emotional battle over LGBT rights has focused on America’s moral giant Martin Luther King, Jr. and the question: “What Would Martin Do?”
Christian Woman Writes Letter To 18 Year Old Self
The Price Of Being Prophetic: Isaiah 6:1–8 And John 3:1–17
WATCH: Jean Vanier: Become Weaker
Catholics Rally Around Nuns Amid Vatican Crackdown
PHOTOS: Most And Least
Christian States In America
Rev. Michael Dowd: Death: Sacred, Necessary, Real
Everything we value is possible only because of death. We can no longer afford to remain ignorant of it; the cost is too high. Death is no less sacred than life.
Rev. Malcolm Boyd: Is the Underground Church Dead or Alive?
If a church continues to pillory gay people, denying dignity and equal treatmnt, refusing hospitality and expression of God’s love, well, don’t preach love until you show a little.
Jonathan Talat Phillips: Top 10 Books of the New Edge
Spiritual counterculture are harder to define, hosting a multidimensional mix of spiritual awakening, new media activism, visionary art, punk attitude, permaculture principles, Burning Man aesthetic and Occupy ideologies.
David Sloan Wilson: PZ Myers: Not Functioning as a Scientist on the Subject of Religion
Who pretends that complex issues are so simple that they can be comprehended merely by opening one’s eyes? Religious fundamentalists and political demagogues come to mind. But they are not alone.
Danielle Wiener-Bronner: ‘Why Do People Hate Jews?’ Is Not the Right Question
Henry Blodget raised eyebrows yesterday with an article published in Business Insider, originally titled “Why Do People Hate Jews?” This was quickly changed to “Why Do Some People Hate Jews,” and finally to “What Are the Sources of Anti-Semitism?”

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