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June 3

1097: Christian crusaders recaptured the ancient Christian city of Antioch, in present-day Turkey, from the Muslims.

1947: Britain said it planned to partition India into Muslim and Hindu states, which became Pakistan and India later that year.

1963: Pope John XXIII died at 81 after leading the Roman Catholic Church since 1958. He was succeeded by Pope Paul VI.

1981: Pope John Paul II was released from a Rome hospital after being wounded in a May 13 assassination attempt in St. Peter’s Square.

2001: The exhumed body of Pope John XXIII was moved to a new, visible resting place in St. Peter’s Basilica. After he died in 1963, John had been buried in the church’s basement grottoes.

June 4

1873: Charles Parham, who helped found the Pentecostal movement, was born in Muscatine, Iowa.

1948: In Manila, the first missionary radio station built in the Philippines by the Far…

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