Posted: June 8, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

National Post | News

Shelley Denman’s sister was the private investigator, not her.

Ms. Denman was — still is — a mortgage underwriter living in a Kansas City suburb, married to a self-employed contractor and a mother to twin boys. She certainly never planned on treading into her sister’s line of work.

But when Ms. Denman started searching for her husband’s long-missing family members a decade ago, she stumbled into a world of online sleuthing — one that attracts both amateur and trained detectives looking to track down criminals and crack unsolved cases.


‘Life is different when you’re tracking people. It’s exciting’

Soon enough, Ms. Denman was a member of the Doe Network, a global group that devotes thousands of man-hours to solving cold cases involving missing persons; the grandmother-to-seven has become an online sleuth herself.

“Life is different when you’re tracking people,” Ms. Denman said of the hunt for her late-husband’s sister…

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