Posted: June 9, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

These sister’s are in good company as the Vatican said the same thing about St. Francis of Assisi and his followers, and also St. Clare of Assisi and her sisters…so to my sisters in faith and world transformation, keep doing Christ’s work.

National Post | Life

Are they rebel nuns, plotting the fall of Rome? Have they traveled far off the Roman Catholic reservation, promoting such heretical ideas as gay marriage, female ordination and abortion on demand? And, in the process, are they leading American Catholics astray?

Or are they living saints, doing the Church’s toughest work in the trenches, among the poor and the sick, all the while being under-appreciated by an all-male leadership worried about preserving power and more concerned with doctrine than charity?

“It’s a clash of monarchy versus democracy. It’s not about faith. It’s culture,” said Sister Simone Campbell of the Washington-based group Network, a social justice lobby.


The United States is in the midst of a major investigation by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) into the group that represents 80% of the country’s 57,000 nuns.

According to the CDF’s seven-page Doctrinal Assessment of American of…

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