Some Questions when letting Scripture talk to you…

Posted: June 19, 2012 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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Blood letting

Blood letting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been quite a unique few weeks in conversations and acting as a spiritual director to folks.  There is a fear of a word within Christianities, that word is T-H-E-O-L-O-G-Y…the study of God. Yet this is not a word we need to fear, for it is not about dead white academics making pronouncements to place God in a box.  It is not about absorbing all the historical contexts and socio-cultural facts (although these are fun, will make you a trivial pursuit champion, and can prove useful–but please people that is why we now have Google).

No, theology is quite a bit simpler and it is shown throughout the Gospels and Acts. It is a lived experience within the Holy Mystery and out of the Holy Mystery.  That is right, it is your lived experience, coupled with the Spirit coming to the word on the page and letting it speak into your situation.

Some good questions to guide your reflections are:

1) Do I know what this meant to the original audience? Is it relevant to my understanding today?

2) What do I feel when I hear/read this passage?

3) What do I know about this passage?

4) Why is this story preserved over 1700 years to come to us in the church today? What does it mean to my journey? To the church?

Then sit, and open yourself to a whole response to the words. This is the outgrowth of understanding that scripture is not a book, or multiple books under one cover, the living word is the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascenscion of Christ in every person’s daily life. The living word that created and is creating… so if this is scripture then is the Bible not only one aspect of Holy Scriptures? The story of God with her people, and his people with God? Yes.  So what are the other holy scriptures that breathe into and out of the living word?

Quite simply, your life is a gospel of Christ…

So what is the gospel according to you?

  1. dianasschwenk says:

    Well said! You reblog a lot of cool stuff but I love when YOU write more!

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    So, instead of the law being outside you, hovering over you with its demands, God has placed his law within your heart, and as the Holy Spirit changes you, he gives you an increasing desire to do what pleases him. Over time, as you grow in your relationship with God, he will continue to build in you the desire and capacity to live a holy life before him.

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    […] Some Questions when letting Scripture talk to you… ( […]

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