Posted: June 21, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

The prophetic voice has always had the principalities and powers work to silence it. This could be the time for the Christianities as a whole to say we are freeing ourselves from the shackles and muzzles of governance and renouncing our charitable statuses, as well as our use as justice of peace’s by the government.

National Post | Life

The United Church of Canada has gone on the offensive after being singled out by a Conservative senator for stepping out of its charitable status to take on overt political causes.

During an interview about federal measures to restrict political work by charities, Senator Nicole Eaton told CBC Radio’s As It Happens that churches in particular should spend their time giving succor, and not delving into politics.

“Why is the United Church involved with a boycott of Israel? Is that helping to educate the poor? Is it giving people a hand up? I think it’s political work. It’s pretty strange that a church is [involved] in boycotting a country.”


Ms. Eaton, who was part of a Senate inquiry this year looking into foreign funding of environmental groups, was asked about how she would propose the Canada Revenue Agency enforce the rule that demands groups with charitable status — such…

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