Posted: July 4, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

Perhaps it is time to follow Manitoba’s suit and rewrite the Education Act to abolish the two tiered public system and have one public education system. If RC Dioceses wish to continue with schools they should be private.

National Post | Life

Elaine Moore has worked as a public school secretary in Fort McMurray, Alta., for 17 years. She sent all three of her now-adult children to public school. She supports the public school system in her taxes.

But when she told workers at a byelection polling station last month that she is Catholic, they told Ms. Moore she wasn’t allowed to cast a ballot in the public school trustee race.

“I just couldn’t believe they would ask you what your religion is when you go in to vote,” said Ms. Moore, a non-practising Catholic who hasn’t been to church in years. “I’ve never been asked what my religion is. You should be able to vote for whoever you want to vote for.”

Ms. Moore’s rejection is shining a light on an old provincial law that has long prevented Catholic Albertans from being able to vote in public school trustee elections or…

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