Tuesday, July 10, 2012
The Episcopal Church on Monday overwhelmingly voted to allow the ordination of transgender people.
Alex Hesbrook: A Dream On Buckskin
Katie Holmes Returns To
Catholic Church
10 Cliches Christians Should Avoid
PHOTOS: Stunningly Beautiful Hindu Temples
A Phoenix Rises: The Execution Of The Bab
Karl Giberson, Ph.D: God and the God Particle
As remarkable as our progress has been in understanding the deep laws of physics, mysteries persist. Under each layer of understanding lies a new layer of questions
Rev. Susan Russell: Episcopal Church Makes Landmark Decision for Transgender Inclusion
It is not just a good day for transgender Episcopalians and their allies. It is a good day for all of us who are part of a church willing to the risk to continue to draw the circle wider as we work to live out our call to make God’s inclusive love known to the whole human family.
Michael Rossmann, SJ: Top 10 Pop Songs Secretly About God
Sure, pop music seems to have little in the way of … umm … depth. The question is whether God is present even in what can seem to be vacuously superficial. Can what initially appears to be a cheesy song be a way to imagine God singing sweet nothings to you?
Rabbi Jason Miller: Patrilineal Dissent: Solving the Jewish Status Problem
The leaders of the American Jewish community should begin collaborating on such a partnership agreement. Only if we are on the same page on the matter of Jewish status will we be able to seek harmony among the disparate denominations of liberal Judaism.
Mark Sandlin: I’m Not Saying You’re Homophobic; I’m Just Saying You’re Homophobic
It is impossible for me to believe that most people who hide behind the Bible or denominational polity haven’t had more than ample time to recognize that those two things simply don’t support their belief that homosexuality is a sin.

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