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Posted: July 13, 2012 by Ty in Musings
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Friday the 13th Book icon

Friday the 13th Book icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a day that lives in infamy, and not just because we believe that a hockey mased weirdo with an ax named Jason is after us. Friday the 13th historically was a time of betrayal and death. It was the day that the Order of Knights Templar were declared heretics, there members arrested, tortured and executed, and their assets seized.

This was the churches greatest about face at the time as the Templars had been their warrior monks, their holy crusaders.

But as we reflect on Friday 13th today, in the 21st century, the question for organized religion (are your religious or spiritual is such a catchall question that shows religion is a new four letter word in Calgary) is on a downward spiral.

What are some things I have learned on the topic of religion while riding the C-train today in stampede city:

1) They just want my money.

2) They are misogynsts

3) The hate on the LGBTTQ and the disabled.

4) They only want a male, patriarchal God of control and vengeance.

5) They believe that they are the only right ones in the world and the rest of us are hell bound.

6) A firm belief that the institution of the Christianities will never change from a hierchal/patriarchal structure as long as the leaders grow up, are formed, educated and employed within this system because it is akin to Bill Gates deciding to close Microsoft.

7) the rules: if God is love, and we are to love our neighbours as ourselves…what is up with all the other rules that do nothing but distance us from one another, create strife, create hatred.

8) Why would God send disasters and disease to punish us?

9) Do not honestly believe we are created inherently evil and without worth.

10) Organized religion has issues with the differently abled, and other races…most churches in my vastly multi-cultural neighbourhood are all older white folks.

11) Churches are more concerned with government issued marriage licenses than actual God honouring, loving households.

12) Religious institutions are filled with hypocrites.

13) The main goal of organized religion is to beat one into submission so that htey will not think for themselves any more.

Quite a heavy list I know, is it possible just the heat was getting to people? Sure, or it could be the bald guy striking up odd conversations. But let’s truly reflect, ar what we doing in our “clusters of holiness” actually living out of and into the love of the Holy Mystery or our own desire/need to be in control?

The tools may have changed, but on the 13th Friday of the month…the story of carnage, pain, hurt, and betrayal that started with the Templars continues (?).

  1. Shreya Sudesh says:

    Thank You for featuring my blog on your post 🙂

  2. dianasschwenk says:

    That’s quite the c-train ride! Thanks for sharing the conversation you had…it’s quite a bit to chew on..

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