Posted: July 15, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

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July 15

1099: The citizens of Jerusalem, mostly Muslims, surrendered to the armies of the First Crusade. The Crusaders then proceeded to massacre thousands of the city’s inhabitants.

1779: Clement Moore, an American Episcopal educator, was born. His fame endures today, not as a theologian, but as the author of the poem: “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

1823: In Rome, the church known as St Paul’s Outside the Walls was destroyed by a fire. Its original edifice was erected in AD 324 by the Roman emperor Constantine.

1882: Thomas Moore founded a corps of the Salvation Army in Toronto, the first in Canada.

2010: The Vatican issued a new set of norms to respond to the worldwide clerical abuse scandal, extending the statute of limitations to 20 years for priests who rape and molest minors and the mentally disabled and also codifed for the first time that possessing or distributing…

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