Did Jesus Exist?

Posted: July 22, 2012 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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Wow what a simple question…yea I know there are many that believe that he is a figment of someone’s imagination, a myth (in the negative connotation of never existed) or a conspiracy theory.  In Canadian Mainline churches we have seen Tom Harpur‘s The Pagan Christ that states it is a myth adopted and transformed within the Judaism to reflect a messiah (I could get the deets a bit wrong, been a while since I have read it).

But is this truly the core of the mythicist? See the mythicist is factually inaccurate. I am continuing my journey through Bart D. Ehrman‘s Did Jesus Exist? and am enjoying his systematic way of affirming, yet disproving (if I had the money would soo take his NT course).

But the two pieces for reflection today are:

1) The suffering Messiah: no jewish person up to this point would have seen a messiah as suffering the curse of the Cross.  This is why Paul was such a staunch executor of the heretics of the Way. Ehrman uses the analogy that this would be akin to 20th century church affirming David Koresh as the Messiah/Christ. Get how wretched this peasant labourer on the cross was seen by his countrymen?

But the arugment continues for Ehrman deftly points out Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Psalm 69 etc (the suffering messiah texts)… and apptly proves that Messiah is not mentioned, but rather the Lord’s Servant.  Texts written in times of suffering calling out prayers to God, or preparing for times of suffering lifting up to the Holy Mystery for comfort.  Do you see it? Go back and read, reflect and see what you come to believe as you bring your experience, the text and the Holy Spirit together in the broader context.

2) The second point is he goes through many historical figures (Hitler, Plato, Stalin, etc) who have divergent accounts of their lives out there, but it does not disqualify their existence. Best quote: You will get very different accounts of the presidency of Bill Clinton depending on whom you ask. But the differences have no bearing on whether or not he existed. (Ehrman, 2012 p.183).

So did Jesus exist? Yes.

Why is there no historical record of his birth?

C’mon folks get your caucasoid-western-centric heads out of our collective arses’. Why would the birth of a non-citizen bastard child, in an occupied nation, in an illiterate small town to peasants even rate the use of literacy to record? It wouldn’t. But it does not dispell the records of his life after that. This proves that the peasant labourer turned travelling guru did exist.

What can be scholarly or even locally debated? Whether or not this man was the actual messiah of ancient Judaism or not?

What cannot be disputed is that his life was lived in such a manner that the powers of the time lynched him. Or its equivalent today… Westboro Baptist Church not only picketed his funeral, they arranged it.

Reflect on who this peasant, Jesus is to you?

  1. Lord Griggs says:

    Reblogged this on Ehrman Paine Strauss Wells and commented:
    The Gospel writers misuded prophecies about other matters in applying them to Yeshua and two just made up their contradictory Nativities, so that I wonder just how much their narratives have any value. Anyway, taking him as described, what rational person would ever want to be around that jerk! Psychologists can talk about his narcissism and megalomania!

  2. Lord Griggs says:

    As the authors seem to have him follow the prophecies-none applied to the jerk- that could mean that they just made him up as two made up the contradictory Nativity stories!
    We have no evidence from the cult itself as to his existence, other than from the Testament’s authors. The Gospel authors are unverifiable and anonymous!
    Note how Billy Lane gullibly accepts their word! That is all it takes to undermine all his prattle about Yeshua’s Resurrection!
    I take Yeshua as described in the Christian Testament, a narcissicist and megalomaniac, who wanted his sheep to practice logicide-faith, to love him more than others, that he came to bring the sword,not peace and to rend asunder families. As a moralist, he is indeed the scam of the ages as Jako Miklos,deist,notes in ” Confronitng Believers.”

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