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July 29

1968: Pope Paul VI’s “Humanae Vitae” (Of Human Life), declared that the Roman Catholic ban on artificial contraception would continue.

1974: The “Philadelphia 11″ were “irregularly” ordained as the first Episcopal women priests. The Church’s House of Bishops immediately declared the ordinations invalid and charges were filed against the bishops who ordained the women. Two years later, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church officially recognized the Philadelphia 11 as priests.

July 30

1718: William Penn, Quaker leader and founder of the Pennsylvania colony, died. Penn left England in 1682 to establish a colony as a religious and political haven for the Quakers on a grant of land received from the British crown.

1956: The United States adopted “In God We Trust” as its official national motto. The move was made partly in defiance to atheistic communism during the height of the cold war.

1976: Rudolf Bultmann, German…

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