Christianity is a relationship not a religion…

Posted: August 13, 2012 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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Cosmic Christ

Cosmic Christ (Photo credit: eworm)

-ahem- I call bullshit.

This is one of those tried and truism that misses that mark with the institutional Christianities. How so? Simple, because with the buildings, with the offices, with the multi-billionaire dollar industry, with the virtue pledges, with the “these get into heaven, those go to hell” and the litany of rules laid on top of Christ‘s great commandments to Love God, Neighbour and self…well we have done more than fence the Torah, we have fenced in the gospel dug it 85 feet down, covered it over, laid sod, realized the sod wasn’t good enough, paved over top, built a huge monument to how much money our congregation could fundraise and declared the glory of… The Bible (and it better be translation X, y, or Z to be acceptable).

Does this sound like a relationship to you? Honestly contemplate the reality we have created within the church. It is not one of a relationship where the living Cosmic Christ is allowed to actually breathe and continue to blow the roof off what is acceptable to the powerbase, where the voiceless are given voice; the sick are cared for; the poor are beloved…what other fun lessons did Jesus teach?Ā  He so shook the reality of the power elite of his time religious and political that they executed him.

Can we say that we have shook the foundations of our society to transform it in such a Christ way where all are included as equals?

So are we as Christians able to brag that we have this grand relationship over a religious rote of rules and hoop jumping compared to other world beliefs?

No. In fact I would say we have more hoops, rules, and ways that divide communities which is quite contrary to the Gospel of the living Cosmic Christ…

So we fail at the relationship, because we care more about the institution that perpetuates the religious power base that builds empires than the living breathing soul that is to be our Holy Mystery incarnate…

So before you throw out this trite idiom, pause and think…do I truly live this way… or do I live to ensure the perpetuation of institutions that Christ spoke out against?

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