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September 2

1651: Martin Boutet was appointed director of the children’s choir in the parish church at Quebec City. He was the first choirmaster in the new colony.

1758: The first Anglican service of worship to be held on Canadian soil was led by Rev. Robert Wolfall at Frobisher Bay, on Baffin Island.

1973: J.R.R. Tolkien, devout Catholic, Oxford professor and novelist, died at age 81. His 1954-55 Lord of the Rings trilogy describes a war between good and evil in which evil is routed through courage and sacrifice.

1997: The people of Newfoundland voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to support the government’s plan to end the control of churches from the education system.

September 3

590: St. Gregory the Great was consecrated the 64th Catholic pope, ruling 14 years. His administration took responsibility for converting the Anglo-Saxon tribes in England, chiefly through the work of St. Augustine of Canterbury.

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