The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most ven...

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most venerated of Orthodox Christian icons of the Virgin Mary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virgin Mary and Jesus, old Persian miniature. ...

Virgin Mary and Jesus, old Persian miniature. In Islam, they are called Maryam and Isa. NOTE: See discussion page before using (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is intriguing, I have an affinity towards the Roman Catholic Church, the Mass, the Mysticism…unfortunately I do find them theologically trapped in the dark ages.  Yet as I re-enter back into seminary studies and look towards a thesis to complete my Master of Divinity, I was left wondering what topic of the plethora that intrigues me…and then it hit me.

This is a pilgrimage, part of one I have been on my entire life. A journey to discover the Cosmic Christ’s true expression. Through this it hit me, the moment of reflection, what is up with the Virgin Mary?

In Robin Hood lore pre-Protestant Reformation, it was not Maid Marian that Robin was devoted to, but Mary of Nazareth, who would appear to him and inspired his followers to rise up against the evil Prince John and aid the poor.

She is the Theotokos (God-Bearer, Mother of God).There is even an old Catholic tradition order based around this: Order of Mary Theokotos.

Why does she matter? Biblically there is scant information about her. Yet she is  the major thrust of showing the equality God expects of us in life. Why? Think about it, God went directly to Mary (not through her husband or father as the society deemed) to see if she wanted to be apart of this cosmic story.

Mary birthed a son, now some will say it was earthly conceived with Joseph, was the result of  a rape by a Roman Centurion or literally the Holy Spirit…whichever story you believe what is important is that the child of Mary’s womb was born into this world to be the Messiah.

So why Mary? That is a good question…for me it is looking to a woman that was a teenage mother, a peasant girl, someone whose betrothed was contemplating killing or just casting out of the city gates to become a sex trade worker for survival except that God intervened.

Mary is the woman that illuminated to Christ that his time had come in John 2 with the feast at Cana; she watched her child stumble while carrying the cross; and stood there as he died and went to the empty tomb. She was so well placed within the early church that Jesus’ younger brother rose to be the leader of it.

She supported the early church through prayer and good works. Today she is still appearing to people. Why? Surprisingly as a voice for the oppressed; calling the world into a new way of being, to focus upon her son, love embodied, to turn away from hatred, war, and injustice to love, peace and justice.

So why Mary?

Why not? When you cut through the crap, what you are left with is a woman who truly shows what it means to be a mother… quite a thing, and in the world of the disenfranchised Our Lady is still rising up to encourage believers (and non, as in Rwanda where she and Jesus appeared to a Pagan Boy and a Muslim Girl with messages against genocide).   For those without a voice, she becomes their voice to show full equality of God’s children.

Quite interesting journey and discovering new truths as I continue this journey…



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