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The first step of reconciliation is admitting one’s sins, and then working together through the pain of healing…

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The United Church of Canada is poised to strike a special task force dedicated to uncovering historic forced adoption practices, just as a national group prepares for an unprecedented conference next week that it hopes will catapult the topic squarely on to the public agenda and pressure the federal government to call an inquiry.

In April, the United Church launched Canada’s first major probe into allegations that women were coerced or forced into surrendering their children for adoption because they were unmarried. It now says it will also create a Task Group on Adoptions From United Church-run Maternity Homes at its general council meeting later this month.

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A church spokesperson said the committee will review a church report due in the next month or two and draw on archival research to determine the church’s role in what it has called a “sad and difficult” chapter in Canadian history.

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  1. silver account says:

    Women’s accounts of their time at church-run maternity homes are myriad, but the controversial aspects include: accommodation predicated on adoption; a rule against using last names in order to protect a family’s reputation; forced manual labour and daily chapel attendance; viewings of graphic childbirth videos and mandatory appearances at pro-life rallies; strict curfews and a ban on guests other than family; and no discussion about whether the women would like to keep their babies.

  2. What Price Vocation? « A Robin Hood's Musing says:

    […] United Church of Canada to hold mirror to its role in forced adoptions as families push for national… ( […]

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