Posted: October 24, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

Dare boldly

Alberta has been in the news in the past few weeks because of an E-coli outbreak in a meat-packing plant in the southern regions of the province. Millions of tons of beef have been recalled and dumped in landfills. Workers laid off. Children, mothers, fathers, have become ill across the nation.

And Danielle Smith, leader of the official opposition in the province suggests giving it to the homeless under the premise — if you cook it right, you can kill the e-coli so why not give it to the hungry?

Let’ not worry about killing people on the margins. Heck, they’re poor anyway. Let’s give them tainted beef. It’s better than nothing.

Now, I don’t blame Danielle Smith for her ill-advised remarks. She wasn’t thinking beyond the margins of her limited view of poverty. She was trapped in her perception that if you have nothing, then even tainted beef is…

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