Discernment & Discipleship: Two Sides of Same coin

Posted: October 26, 2012 by Ty in Musings
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Photo of Christ in Hagia Sofia.

Photo of Christ in Hagia Sofia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I stood sipping my cuppa Red Rose and talking with my roommate about our faith, the topics of what is discernment and discipleship came up. These are two of the major issues facing the Christianities for we like to throw the words out within the confines of believers but it is like speaking English in the Russian Parliament…meaning the same words may be flowing but totally different understanding.

What is discernment? It is the way a believer feels the calling of God on their lives for a life long vocation. Now note, for me, vocation remains the same throughout life (in the business world this is a personal mission or vision statement). While vocation remains the same, however the expression 0f vocation can be multiple ways. The challenge is that there appears to be an either or systematic, the Christianities as a whole need to get together and agree on one methodology. What does that mean? Simple, talking with friends back in the  day in Bible College so many were there because they felt called to be a pastor, yet only they had confirmed it; while in mainline churches alot of times the community will affirm a calling the individual does not feel because of talents they see in them.

The solution from my perspective is simple: A calling felt by an individual, who then requests a travelling group for a year or more to meet monthly for prayer, reflection, study and exploration of what the calling is and if it is truly from God.

But for this idea to work, it comes down to discipleship. We tend to run “educational programs” within out churches; or outreaches or whatever term you would like to insert. But what is truly needed is an understanding of discipleship. It is not just getting someone to the stage of saying in any magic formula that Jesus I want you…it is what it means to live a life within the love of God; daily asking to see the world with the eyes of God and moving forward.

A key point on this is the use of sacred scripture in discipleship. We like to use the way we read the Bible as a way to segregate believers, but this is such nonsense. Yes it may be a struggle for someone who reads it literally to sit in a bible study with someone who reads it as metaphor or allegory, yet if we can get past our own bias and actually listen to the other, enter into respectful dialogue with the other what happens is a deeper and broader understanding of the whole and we truly become the Body of Christ.

What are your thoughts dear reader?

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