English: Anthony of Pedua with child Jesus

English: Anthony of Pedua with child Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bane's redesigned appearance in The New Batman...

Bane’s redesigned appearance in The New Batman Adventures episode, “Over The Edge”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some may use the term “intentional” or “missional” or “seeker” or “liberation” or “social gospel” or “Red Letter Christian” or any of the new catchy euphenisms for church being church that is out there today in response to the dichotomy of chasm that is the church today. That chasm being between what we term as the “Christian Right” & “Christian Left” or “Evangelical” & “Mainline” or “Fundamentalist” & “Progressive” or whatever two tags one wants to stick on the current theological chasm that breaks the body of Christ better than Batman across Bane‘s knee.

Yet I prefer a term that is nearly 800 Years old an except for a hiccup or two (those pesky inquisitions and colonizations where the order sold their souls out for temporal authority) has always caused a stir in the church, that being “Franciscan“. See as I continue this journey of sabbatical reflection I keep coming back to this core charism.

One of a gospel life lived out. One that brings into harmony my helping ways, my justice mindset, my constant prayer, a life of simplicity, and a desire to shine Christ brightly.  See for a Franciscan there is no one reformation or restoration, rather it is a calling to constantly be a refining force throughout time within the Cosmic Christ.

So why title this Franciscan Communities when I have earlier stated that I am no longer affiliated with any of the secular orders? Simple, because it is within reflection that I have come to realize that I am still affiliated with Franciscan communities. Those communities of believers that reach out into the darkness and provide hope, that serve and build community, pray with and for one another and simply live life together in simple ways.

One of these communities is our small house gathering the Rainbow Chapel, and the other is the church my family currently attends Cornerstone Christian Assembly/King of Glory Lutheran Brethren Church.

I continue this journery of becoming a non-sectarian Franciscan, and within this journey I am discovering that which I have yearned for I may have simply over looked for the label affixed.

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