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November 25

2348 BC: According to Archbishop James Ussher’s Old Testament chronology, the Great Deluge (Noah’s Flood) began. Ussher’s Chronologies of the Old and New Testaments were first published 1650-54.

1851: The first North American chapter of the Young Men’s Christian Association opened in Montreal.

1988: Executives of the United Church of Canada asked congregations to discuss the issue of ordaining homosexuals. At the church’s General Council meeting a few months earlier, the policy was changed to allow homosexuals to become full members of the church, including ordination. The policy was reaffirmed in 1990.

November 26

1539: In England, the monastery at the Fountains Abbey, the richest of the Cistercian houses, was surrendered to the Crown during Henry VIII’s dissolution of all monasteries in England.

1940: The half million Jews of Warsaw, Poland, were forced by the Nazis to live within a walled ghetto. While Jews from smaller cities and…

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