An Open Letter to Christians of Calgary (Anglican Sower December 2006)

Posted: November 25, 2012 by Ty in Archives
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I sit and write this with the approach of the Feast Day of my religious order, an order built on living out our faith and helping to equip others to do so. A new year will soon begin for the citywide ministries for our children and youth.


As you know, our city is booming, driving prices up, and creating long shifts and incredible hours for individuals and families needing to work to make ends meet. In the chaos of the weekly storm, we gather as a faith family on Sunday mornings to be serviced as Godʼs saints. Part of our Sundays is the spiritual formation of the younger generation of the church.


We are blessed that you have chosen our church, and thank you for allowing us to be apart of the Faith Formation of your children and youth. We acknowledge the busyness of life simply to make ends meet and the need for a Sabbath to commune with God.


Yet we also acknowledge the importance in these days of high rates of violence, suicide and pregnancy in our young, of the need for them to have connections with good adult role models who they can come to and trust. This is part of Sunday mornings and youth nights as we grow our faith family in inter-generational ways.


To continue our blessed year round children and youth ministry we need your help. We have year round ministries of Sunday mornings, youth nights, day camps, summer camps and groups like Teens Encounter Christ that need you to simply walk with the younger members of the faith family in Christ.


I am writing to request that you help to continue Godʼs blessings here in our city. We are seeking simple commitments to equipping the next generation of leaders in the Gospel Life.


Thank you again for your help.



Tyler Ragan n/TSSF


A humble Franciscan with a Dream.

Tyler Ragan is in

youth and childrenʼs ministry at

St. Georgeʼs Anglican Church,

( p.8)


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