Youth Engage in Soul Revolution (May 2006, Anglican Sower)

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By Tyler Ragan

( on pg.3)

This revolution was not televised,


it was live! It started as an


idea to teach fasting for 30 hours.


Members of Soul Revolution


pledged to go without food to


deepen their relationship with


God (self -transformation) and to


raise awareness that clean-freefresh


water is a human right.


Envelopes for the Primate’s


World Relief and Development


Fund were distributed to the 11


participants and two leaders.


Donations were gathered. The


retreat was on God’s time as


watches and cell phones were


checked in as participants arrived.


Bonding had already started


when Soul Revolution came the


Thursday night before to


help the Altar Guild and junior


choir make 450 palm crosses for


Palm Sunday.


On the Friday night shortly


after arrival, the crew “went” to


the third world in two teams.


Their mission to build, with the


materials you can scrounge, a


well for your village. What was


discovered as water was hoisted


successfully was that the water


was dirty.


It was unsafe to drink. The


group delved into the story of the


Woman at the Well, and what it


meant to come to Jesus and the


unquenchable thirst we have,


and the healing found with the




The tempo for the weekend


was set with time taken to explore


the scripture, pray, write letters to


Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


A prayer walk was taken across


the street to the mailbox outside


a Seven Eleven where the group


stopped. In front of community


members, they prayed before


each youth walked to the box,


saying a silent prayer. They


mailed their letter calling for our


country to take a stand to ensure


everyone had access to drinkable


water, and to stop the commodification


of that which God


created to bring life.


Raising awareness did not stop


with letters to Prime Minister




On Saturday afternoon, the


group of youth, amidst clouds of


chalk dust, decorated the ramps,


stairs and amphitheatre areas of


the church raising awareness of all


in God’s creation needs water,


with simple messages like “H2O


should be Free” and “Jesus Rules”


or “Jesus Rocks”.


The night ended prayer times


when the youth could wrestle


through their own faith, and go


deeper into the Gospel. Lights


out ended our first day of fasting.


As the sun rose on Saturday


morning with an hour to go


before wake-up, the leaders gathered


to say the morning office,


and pray for the coming


impact. After a flurry of wake-ups


with singing, Soul Revolution


donned work gloves and grabbed


garbage bags. Entering their 21st


hour of fasting, they hiked from


the church to Prairie Winds Park


to clean up the community by


clearing the garbage out of the


gutters in our streets, and to


show that clean water starts with


a clean and litter free environment


so our own water cannot be




Five huge bags of garbage left


our area. Stopping in the midst


of the park to pray, and move to


the foot washing at the last




Exploration was tied to personal


prayer time, corporate


prayer time, exploring the stories


in the Bible of Jesus and the


Woman at the Well, writings in


Isaiah, Nicodemus dialogue with


Jesus, writings in Revelation


where God says eternal life will


come from clean water (the


water Jesus promised).


Also in Revelation, there is the


promise that it is possible to bring


God’s kingdom to earth as we


pray each Sunday in Church. It


is not just a dream, or a prayer for


tomorrow but a reality for now


that Soul Revolution came to


believe could happen if we just


cared enough to try.


Our weekend closed exploring


1 Corinthians 13 the love chapter,


and personal reflections and


prayer, before our final step of


gathering for an Agape Meal


(Love Feast), where our priest,


Dean dashed in to discover our


group serving one another.


The hard questions were still


bubbling up about the Cross,


Jesus, Mary, how much does


God truly love us that no matter


what we can be with him.


Our time ended with a reverse


progressive supper in the houses


of church members. And some


brought food to the church:


award-winning death by chocolate


desert to lasagna; homemade


chicken noodle soup and


Caesar salad to appetizers of


jumbo shrimps; little knishes, pigs


in the blanket, tiny pizzas and


other fun hors d’oeuvres.


The final act as a community


that night before pick-up was


group prayer.


The group gathered the next


morning while the money raised


$360 was presented to the church


to be sent to the PWRDF, and to


help with the dramatic Passion




Revolutions are possible, and


it just takes a thought…to change


the world.


Soul revolution is a group of


12-18 year olds at St. George’s


Anglican Church.


Ty Ragan n/TSSF, is Director


of Youth and Children


Ministries at St. George’s


Anglican Church, Calgary


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