God’s Eyes (THAW September 2006)

Posted: November 26, 2012 by Ty in Archives
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O Divine Master

We know we are a judgmental people of yours

Always looking for something,

That makes us better than another

Yet you love us

You see us

As your beloved children

O God

Grant us your eyes

To see the world

Your ears

to hear the voices

The cries of our brothers and sisters

O Lord

Grant us your heart

That we may know

All are blessed

Regardless of their sort or condition

For it is in our pride

It is in our searching

For the “Great Sin”

That we lose you

In our own hearts

Restore us Lord.

Dad let us just see

The world that you loved so much

To send us your Son

As you see it

So we can bring

Your kingdom here

On Earth as

You have it in



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