Ya I know you have gotten used seeing the archives actually published, but it comes to research I have truly lost track of where all my research has wound up and what use it has happened with.

See the fun challenge is that it is more about reflecting where my research has centred and that has come across many topics within the liberal arts, social sciences and life.

The key researches have been:

How a church can come to a political statement of faith

How a church can reach out to the young adults in the culture mosaic that is NE Calgary

Faith communities and Youth Crime solutions

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada and its faith effect on the growth of multi-culturalism.

An ethnography on the most lucrative drug corner in North America known as “crack Macs”

A presentation on the extinction of the Teduray, and how this reflects on the destructive nature of the missional endeavour that attempts to destroy the religious cultural practice of the indigineous peoples.

An ethical exploration of pro-life (not just abortion) because it is about the sanctity of life from conception, birth, aging, throughout the lifespan, but also the fact that the death penalty is against a pro-life theology.

A research on the life and teachings of J.S. Woodsworth

Looking at how the history of the social gospel movement has shaped my own personal theology.

To name but a few…


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