Posted: December 9, 2012 by Ty in Spirituality

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December 9

1840: Scottish missionary explorer David Livingstone set sail on his first journey to Africa. He had been accepted to serve under the London Missionary Society two years earlier.

1990: Pope John Paul II canonized Margaret d’Youville, who founded the Grey Nuns, as Canada’s first saint.

December 10

1520: In Wittenberg, northeast of Leipzig in present-day eastern Germany, religious reformer Martin Luther publicly burned the papal edict demanding that he recant or face excommunication.

2000: Proceedings for the first two gay marriages in Canada were started at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto using the ancient Christian tradition of publishing banns, which makes a wedding legal if the intended couple’s names are published and read out at church on the three Sundays before the wedding. Rev. Brent Hawkes told the congregation, “Today we are exercising our freedom of religion. We are exercising our freedom to marry.” The weddings, performed…

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