Day Light (A dream of the Rainbow Chapel)

Posted: December 10, 2012 by Ty in Rainbow Chapel
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English: The photo was taken by Joe Murray, an...

English: The photo was taken by Joe Murray, and it is used internationally as the symbol for the Rainbow Sash Movement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, someday I should really get around to making the Rainbow Chapel an “official” non-profit religious entity, but then, I fear, we would be easily set aside.

What do you mean? It’s kind of like being classed as a saint, people will look and go, oh isn’t that nice, but then ignore the idea(l). And what is the dream of the chapel?

Simple to enter Day Light…that is to live out the promise of John 1, where we as living Christ‘s shine brightly into our community and confound the darkness.  This is why we are not caught up on money, or whom plants a chapel.

We are inspired. My personal dream is much like the organic nature of the early Catholic Worker‘s Movement ( that Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin started, that the Rainbow Chapel becomes a place of welcome, service, and discipleship.

Day Light to me is simply living these principles and I encourage anyone who wants to join our little movement to embrace the Rainbow (and know that you do not need to be Christian, we embrace the beauty of all God‘s Children):

*Reflect on the sacred teaching you want to centre your life on discovering how to truly live.

* Announce proudly that your home is a Rainbow Chapel (and please join us on facebook, start your own blog or website so we can spread the word), and that you will gather for discussion, meals to grow together in creating a new world.

*Never ask for donations for your chapel, instead encourage people to share their gifts within their communities and circles of influence, whether this is time, talent or treasure, or all of the above.

*Always have an welcoming heart and home.

Simple we know…let the Day Light shine through so that Rainbow is bright.



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