A Faith Family.

Yip, last night I declared we are leaving protestantism…but what it should have read is we are leaving the tired ol’ bull shit of church politics, hierarchy, exclusion, and drive for power.

We are seeking a place where labels are irrelevant, where we acknowledge our faith heritage for sure because that is what has shaped us, but a place where one and all are embraced, diversity and gifts are celebrated. Like the ancient church we can pray together, break bread together, and discover God in the beautiful diversity that is the rainbow of God’s children.

For example, my son has the gift of preaching, my wife is a prophet, my daughter is a gifted worship insiter, and I have been told I have a gift for teaching, and apostolic leadership (being the first one to break new ground in a new Godly direction)…

So yes, we are walking away from the crap, letting the spiritual gunk slowly (as it moves slower than molasses in winter) shed from our souls as we heal and prepare to discover a true home.



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