Blessings of the Holy Mystery

Posted: December 13, 2012 by Ty in Archives
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Some have said I am not a very orthodox or typical Christian, this is true. But I grew up and continue to live in a Canada that is multi-cultural, multi-religious, a true mosaic of God’s creation. We as a people have been blessed by the Constitution Act 1982 and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This blessing and my mixed Canadian heritage (English-Scottish-Irish-Welsh-Norwegian-Quebecois-French-Norwegian-Ojibwa-Cree and religiously Roman Catholic-Anglican-Methodist) I am blessed with a mosaic of ways to experience the Holy Mystery, some as part of a vocation of guest, sojourner, pilgrim, student, laity, religious worker or cleric… to such diverse belief systems that build this amazing nation I call home (it is up to you to assign whatever label you happen to believe I had when I journeyed there):

Anglican Church of Canada, Hindu, Roman Catholic, Sikh, Order of Ecumenical Franciscans, Bahai, Third Order, Society of St. Francis,

Restoration Movement Christians, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Ahmadiyya, Druid, Zen, Tao, Aikido, Marxist, Leninist, World Wide Robin Hood Society, Sherlockian, Order of St. Luke the Physician, Socratic, Sophists, Descartians, Platoists, Para-psychology, Paleo-Seti, Palmistry, Munay-Ki, Aboriginee, Drum Circles, Shaman, Medicine Wheel, Healing Pathways, Yoga, Jedi, Meditation (too many diverse schools to remember), Tibetan Buddhism, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Tarot, Tendai, New Thought, Religious Science,

Christian Science, Tai Chi

Order of St. Elizabeth I, Scientology, Ecumenical Order of St. John XXIII, Universal Life Church, Universal Life Church Monastery, North American Buddhism, FCJ Companions in Mission, Jungian Psychology, Freudian Psychology


Social Gospel

Primitive Baptist, King James Bible Baptist, Western Canadian Baptist, North American Baptist, United Baptist, Methodist

Free Presbyterian, Free Lutheran

Peace work

Social Work



Wicca, Tarot, Christian Reformed, Congregationalist, United Church of Canada, Disciples of Christ, Reformed Evangelical, Gnostic, Reformed Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Joehovah’s Witness, Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints


Faith healing

Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, Reiki, Associated Gospel Churches, WELS Canada, Lutheran Church-Canada

Nazarene Church, Wesleyan Church, ICROSS, Liberal Party of Canada, Liberalism, Progressive Canadian Party of Canada, Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, Green Peace, Soul Force, Non-Violent Peace Force, Atheism, Humanist Society, Agnostic Coffee Meet up, Spiritualism,

Salvation Army,Green Party, New Democratic Party, Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist Party, Bloc Quebecois, Alberta Party,

Anthropology, Evangelical Missionary, Janism, Sociology, Indiginous Sacredness, Celtic Christianity, Ignatian Spirituality

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Shinto, Liberation Theology, Catholic Workers Movement

Human Rights, non-denominationalism, charismatic christianity, Interfaith Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity, MSF (Doctor’s without Borders)

The Mustard Seed, Inn from the Cold,  Street Teams

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