My Blessings of Ministry so far…

Posted: December 13, 2012 by Ty in Archives
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Santa Lucia of Syracuse

Santa Lucia of Syracuse (Photo credit: Paul Lowry)

I will be the first to admit that too often my site can become a critique of the active body of Christ and how we fall short of actually even coming close to living out the Love of Christ, but on retreat here today this little thoughts washed over me…

Too often it is easy to point out what is wrong by those who profess to walk wtih Jesus, while sitting in the oratory room at the FCJ Centre I began to reflect upon what blessings my monasticism in the world has brought me.

Through my writing the ability to use the power of story to share the radical inclusion the Cosmic Christ, our big brother, Jesus of Nazareth wants for the human family (shucking all the labels we want to use to build division), in the beautiful rainbow we are (I am after all honoured in the shamanic tradition to be known as a Wisdom Keeper, the keep of the peoples story).

Through politics (not such a dirty word) meeting my neighbours, learning their joys and trials. Learning how to love into the situation they lay out which can be as simple as listening, to actually connecting them to a transformative resource if able to, speaking out for social justice, human rights, living wages, affordable housing, ending poverty, public utilities, public education, and socialized health-care.

As a children & youth pastor being able to open Christ up for those who do not know. Using our grand ancient liturgical tradition and the stories of the now an those who have come before and the Holy Communion we share to bring even the most troubled or isolated youth to knew there is a place they are loved. Then to witness the trickle up effect into their families learning the same and entering into community. Watching the youngest give their allowance to feed the hungry.

A boy blessed with severe Autism, shocking his Mum, by leaving his stemming behaviours and safety of a corner far away from us, and moving to our circle to sing along with “Jesus Loves Me”.

My outreach to the poor during historic and sacred pilgrimages from Alberta to Quebec, and Arizona. Where I got blessed to share with a transgendered runaway under a bridge in the frigid cold that God love him, and the gates of heaven are awaiting to welcome him home, and the next morning identifying the body with the coroners office.

Moving a shelter from an institution to a home.

Taking what was once a regimented transitional programmed rooming floors, and transforming them into a self-sustaining community of permanent supportive housing (homes) and aiding a light to shine into affordable housing apartments.

My family opening our home and lives to whomever wants to learn, share or discover the Holy Mystery (Our Rainbow Chapel).

My two children choosing baptism and declaring that they love Jesus who loves them. Then living this love each day in their communities.

My ability and time spent, providing vocational support to those blessed to experience the world differently.

To be able to give last rites to my loved ones, gather our families together to celebrate life and how to continue on the renewed journey.

To support young adults in celebrating single parent families in our community.

To watch and be apart of former enforcers, murderers, pedophiles,victims, sexual offenders, addicts and the severely ill enter the miracle of healing that brings them to peace of life.

To be a part of former street youth, addicts, and sex trade workers choosing to change the path of their journey from death to life and become amazing parents.

To have literally been apart of rescuing Calgary‘s Chidlren from the sex slave industry (and some of them blessed me with the gift of my Superman tattoo).

To have marched for peace, challenged world leaders and held them accountable, been a voice that helped free the wrongfully imprisoned or persecuted, to challenge and hold my local governments accountable…

Prayed with Popes, business & political leaders, civic leaders, provincial leaders, national leaders, sisters, Lamas, monks, friars, Imams, Rabbis, gurus, shamans and neighbour.

To have always stood for justice, no matter the cost personally.

To have simply walked with another in life, free of judgment and full of love.

To have my soulmate, the one who is complimentary enough to fit, contrary enough to complete me, and to have been blessed with our beautiful family our two youngest, Leland and Justina, and our fun loving eternal teenager in our basement, Rick.

Thank you God,

For the Blessings I have received

and the blessings I will receive.

  1. Monica Miller says:

    Your compassion is commendable. May the Lord Jesus Christ fill you with perfect truth and perfect love.

  2. Ty says:

    Thank you for your kind words and prayer.

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