A Healing thing happend at the Convent

Posted: December 14, 2012 by Ty in Archives
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Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

It was an intriguing retreat these past 24 hours. As I have written of before the spiritual journey on my family has been up and down quite a bit. But it is within this retreat that quite a bit of spiritual baggage exited my system. During the last nearly year I had been using a Catholic Editiona New Revised Standard Bible, it was covered in my note scribbles, highlights, sermon notations of what I agreed, disagreed with, my own interpretation, teaching notes from the Rainbow Chapel etc. It has journeyed with me through my family’s last stop of pain, and I brought it with me on retreat to aid in deeper reflection.

Or as within the Anglican 39 Articles of Faith to use the stories of God (sacred scripture) to direct me to the Word of God (the Living Cosmic Christ) for renewal.

While sitting in the oratory I picked up my Bible and opened it.

The shock was so painful it made an audible yelp impossible.

The Bible tumbled onto the floor.

It seriously felt like a soul burn from heat.  What the heck was going on here? These are the stories I love, that I have built my ministry upon, why is handling the scriptures producing pain? I couldn’t move to even attempt to pick them up. Was I demon possessed? (Laugh if you will, some would probably agree, it is not my first default, but I have been involved in 3 exorcisms of others so one never knows).

But no, it was a soft resonance, a low voice that spoke it seemed directly into my heart.  My children have been seeing their Granny (my Nanny) a lot lately since she has gone home to God, and this was the voice I heard.  The message was simple, yes you need the scripture, but do you not see this copy is allowing your pain to continue to travel with you, let it remain here to bless another whose journey will use it for good. Let it rest here, and release the interior pain you have buried within yourself, let it be like a salve so a band aid is no longer necessary.

As I rose from the chair, I could pick up the Bible. I looked at it, but it no longer felt like mine. I have said many times the translation of the scriptures to me is irrelevant, it is about finding the Bible that draws you to want to read it frequently.  This Bible in my hand felt like nothing more than a novel as I laid it on the side table in the oratory and walked away.

I felt the negative hurt I had been harbouring not only to the last church, but to all the churches that had not been home wash out of me, truly felt a burden lift.

And as with other important steps within my journey, I heard my Granddad‘s voice in my ear, “it will be alright”.

And yes it will be alright, a new bible to ignite new passion, some may say it is taking symbolism to far, but then it is in the symbolic that I believe we can find our healing, for everything in our lives is sacred. What symbols are you holding onto that are keeping you from releasing the pain?

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