Xianities at a X-roads

Posted: January 1, 2013 by Ty in Current Events, Musings, Spirituality
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Photo of Christ in Hagia Sofia.

Photo of Christ in Hagia Sofia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have read that right, what we are existing in now as church is such in flux I do not know if we can as yet claim the title of “Christ” but we can claim the symbol of the cross (thank you St. Andrew for the “X” symbology). Regardless of the #hashtag or denomination or trademark or brand your local church or youself has slapped on the building, confirmation, baptismal or other sacramental record in my mind 2013 the Mayans may have been right about something.

2013 for them was not the end of the world, in my shamanic training it was about the old realities and systems dying away and a new way of being birthed. As a Franciscan historically we do not believe of a Reformation or Restoration as a one off event. This is a constant event since the birth of Christ, a constant, if we are truly a body learn basic biology as bodies constantly shed/gain weight, cells, skin etc… yet some limbs may even be lost or old organs replaced, yet the body continues.

Unfortunately as institutions we can use sight of this. We strive to keep the ship even kiel, to keep the buildings and seminaries rolling, to not change how elders, boards, pastors, bishops, etc are selected or even how the worship experience happens. Why? Because we believe we are being the rock in the midst of the chaos of the world, a place of refuge/sanctuary for the weary believer, a hosptial if you will for healing.

But what if we are wrong?

What if the X-roads we are at is not about maintaining, but LETTING GO.  Yes read that again, LETTING GO(D). Let’s throw open the church and look at what needs to happen in the world? What happens if en masse the 2 billion believers got together and showed our treasures and said we want a Christ miracle, let’s end poverty… could we do it? Could we end illness? Let’s dream big folks? Can we cast of the shackles of the past and live out our faith in radical ways?

2013 is a time for the old to perish and the new to be birthed. We are in the midst of a reformation as the church is struggling between many factions: Liberal, Conservative, Charismatic, Mainliners, Liturgists, Catholics, Orthodox, Romans, Evangelicals, Liberationists, Red Letters, Universalist, Calvinists, Reformers, Health& Wealth gospellers, Monastics, Clerics, Sisters, Nuns, and the list goes on.

But it is a human created list, what we need to remember is that we are called into a life of service of God‘s creation, by God, within this call we each have our own gifts and vocations to be lived out and the labels are fragmenting and impeding the work out of God’s Love within this world.

So in 2013, remember, it is God that calls, it is God that empowers, but it is you that MUST act or not, upon that call.

Xianities are at a X-roads, are you willing to leave the pew/prayer closet and actually BE the Body of Christ?

For then a true miracle will arise in 2013 as the old “frozen chosen”, the musty old cathedrals of our souls will have the doors and windows blown open for the Holy Spirit to live and breathe in.

Alleluia anyone?


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