City warns school closures could hurt revival of older neighbourhoods

Posted: January 10, 2013 by Ty in Current Events

I can’t believe Our City Hall (Calgary) actually understands that dynamics of pain this wreaks when the school boards (which should stop being elected, as they are inefficient, ineffective, and do not understand the need of land and community centering) or Provincial Government does. Taft former AB Liberal Leader and his team had put forward an amazing plan on using these schools still as schools even during the dynamic shift years, centering the needed classroom space around the gymnasium, but then using the rest of the building for things such as: youth drop ins; public day cares; health centres; etc.  Whether or not we want to accept it as a society, our Public Schools (yes the seperate schools and charter schools should either have to go private or fold into the public system for one stream lined system of system delivery in excellence) have become the hearts and hubs of our communities.

An example is that they have closed many of the schools in communities like Montgomery, now these buildings lie dormant, but the community is going through a recycle of younger families again. Lost momentum as now they are faced with wondering if their children will need to be bussed in higher grades as this needed infrastructure is stripped away.  So yes school boards, listen to the wisdom of these City Councillors, and think outside the box in saving the hearts of our communities.

City warns school closures could hurt revival of older neighbourhoods.


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