A Reflection on a statement of Faith & Doctrine

Posted: January 11, 2013 by Ty in Spirituality
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I have provided many snapshots to my growing understanding, theology of the Holy Mystery if you will here in these pages. You have had the opportunity to read reflections on belief statements from the ancient Creeds, the United Church and the Anglican Church.  Currently my family finds ourselves in attendance with the Associated Gospel Churches (Canada) and it has led me to reflect on their doctrinal statement.  The doctrinal statement is bolded and italicized, my thoughts follow each section in normal type. I do appreciate this denomination’s attempt to proof text each statement with multiple scripture excerpts, but really, do not find much holds water in this type of systematics. Without further ado here begins my reflection…

Read the Associate Gospel Churches Articles of Faith and Doctrine with my reflections here.

A more truncated version of the AGC Statement of Faith is here. I did not reflect on this one for the simple fact that there was more meat to the 2004 version for reflection.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Now, after viewing the reflection one may ask how I landed at what may appear as such as divergent theological spot. The answer is simple, Crossroads Community Church through their Mum & Baby group, parenting support groups, community dinners, great spiritual formation (sunday school for all ages), preaching & worship, work with the local public schools, community outreach, community associations, other churches, and of course the planting of the Cornerstone Youth Centre have proven themselves to me without a doubt (and possibly to some of their chagrin, 🙂 ) to be a community within the Franciscan Charism of living the Gospel Life.


  1. Christadelphians says:

    All humans are created after the image of the Elohim Creator God. In them Jehovah provided the possibility to know the Creator. Therefore in ourselves we have the possibility to think and to question all matters, so without the scripture, the Holy Mystery of life and creation might still find ways to lead us to reflect, hear and act in accordance with Her heart & soul in this world, but it will not a Holy Mystery of a certain Holy Trinity to which man Christians like to hold fast to, because there is only One God and that is the Creator, Hashem Jehovah. In god Words there is only One doctrine and that is the acceptance that there exist a God of gods. For the rest we do not have any other ‘doctrines’ and everything can be explained by the Word of God, the Bible.

  2. Christadelphians says:

    Abrahamic faiths all keep on the believe that there is only One God, who is the Father of Jesus Christ and not the Messiah himself. Christ Jesus of Nazareth who was a man, who had a beginning (was born) and had an end on this earth (really died), while God is eternal had no beginning, can not die and shall never have an end. Jesus was taken out of death as an example to what can happen to us. He now is the mediator between God and men.

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