The Power of Story

Posted: February 7, 2013 by Ty in Musings
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It is quite unique, Robert Fulghum once said that his church was the bookstore. Pause and think before you throw words like Heresy around. What is our sacred scriptures (regardless of the religion you have taken on)…they are collections of stories to inspire, to teach, etc… what is a book store or better yet a library? The same collection.  It is a universal scripture where there are things to feed everyone’s soul, spirit, emotional, physical, mental states…

So why is story so powerful regardless of the form it comes in? Because whether it is someone else’s story or something that aids our own story…it is a way to bring us into a deeper known/unknown communion with the Holy Mystery and to grow that divine mysterious spark a bit brighter within us as well.

This is the power of story, simply put today take time to walk around your local library or bookstore and simply be. Maybe you will find what you need to spark your own connection with the Holy Mystery.

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