Time’s Past

Posted: July 12, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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Ah Binge reading…volume four of the Starman adventure that shaped a young writer’s life.  The binge reading continues with Vol. 4 Time’s Past, a collection of stories from before Jack Knight. Stories that are of the past, but foreshadow the future stories to come.

I enjoy these stories now, for simply it shows us another reflection for our own journey. Too often we dwell on the past and bemoan what has shaped us for nought and cannot be changed. Yet in Time’s Past what is shown is what has shaped us yes, but what we learn, grow and experience new strengths and transformations of the journey we are on.

It truly lays out what one should think of when they look at their journey up to this point:

1) What happened?

2) What could I control/not control?

3) what help do I need to move beyond the negative and/or evil and to embrace the good and positive?

4) What old strengths are realized, what new strengths are discovered, what current strengths are  affirmed?

5) What for the future does this reveal for me (foreshadowing in my own story)?

Those are just some, and they are many, yet even in our meta-narratives that exist in this day and age we can discover gems…

What has been your story to this point?


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