To Reach the Stars…

Posted: July 12, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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Ah a great unwinding as I prepare to preach tomorrow, reading volume 6 of Starman: To Reach the Stars. Previously laid ground work begins to bear fruit and many questions for ourselves to reflect on our own lives journey crops up. For you see, Sadie, Jack Knight’s g.f. is revealed finally to be Will Payton (Starman #5) sister and she knows he is alive and asks Jack to go into space to find him.

A journey fueled by love, but there is more transformation, as within the bookends of the search for a space ship, is a story of intrigue that guest stars the Marvel Family, and raises such questions as:

  • Do we blindly follow orders?
  • Are we willing to step outside of what is popular in the world to reveal what is true and right?
  • Is it possible to change one’s own beliefs and still be true to who one is?

As the journey continues for Mr. Knight, it becomes chasing the space ship to leave earth and what it means to prepare for a global change. What type of global change? From philanderer to monogamous, discovering true love and making a conscious choice to step away from what can be viewed as a tradition of romantic pain to live in the moment.

But also think of our own lives, preparation for our own drastic changes. Do we just jump out of one career and into the next? Or do we prep replacements, empower those who are able to take our place? Once we step into the new reality, are we able to look back on what was and remember what was good? To let go of that which is negative within the change, and either let it die from our history if there is no good and move forward on our own volition to discover a new path?

As I re-read this story again, one all to familiar, it reminded me of preparing for changes within my own life, from religious driven work to secular, putting aside one calling to embrace a true light. But in each of these moments, realizing I could look at what was released and continue to hold it in detestment, distrust and hurt…or to realize that through these times it was active discernment that has brought myself and my family, to our point of health and contentment now. Would it have been nicer to have missed out the awkward and sometimes painful bits before reaching here? Yes. But like Jack Knight prepping for space and not knowing if he is to return alive to his Opal City and lady love, without the preparation, the next step of the journey may not be as sweet or as fun.

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