Visiting With David…

Posted: July 12, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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For those comic connoisseurs out there, those of us that like the bright and strong (ala Spidey, Supes, Bats, Wonder Woman et al) but still groove on the fly under the radar quirky Visiting with David was an annual tradition throughout the run of the `90’s Starman.

What was it? A way to illuminate history, show family, but also for me a place of some healing. Jack Knight was Starman, the 7th. His father, Ted Knight was the first, David Knight was the 6th. I first met David in the Wil Payton era Starman comic when he was trying to “seize” his father’s mantle. Time mellows (and Payton’s “death” saving the Universe in the Eclipso annual event did not hurt). It was Zero Hour, the Justice Society of America was returned, and aged. Ted desired someone to take up the mantle, David jumped for his father’s approval and within the 0 issue a sniper (one of the Mist’s henchmen, but I shall not ruin too much, pick up the singles of this great series, TPB’s or Omnibus’ and enjoy the ride yourself). His death triggered Jack’s ascension to hero in his own way. But each year there would be a visit.

Very Eastern a discourse with ancestors.

But something began to resonate within me, at the time of life when I had been hit hard by the first major loss of my life, my Granddad, and this made tangible through story what family had told me, you can visit wherever. A familiar tradition I have carried forward knowing that in our hearts we carry those who came and gone before us, and can visit with whenever we choose (for true ghost stories there are visits to my children within their dreams from ancestors as well).

But one that would be revisited as in my 20’s going through yet another Superman renewal in my life I discovered Schwartz’s new age work, An Unlikely Prophet and the world of Tulpa. Again an Eastern concept that fed my writing for at that time of life my subconscious was wearing, working through anxiety and depression, loss and grief.

Unbeknownst the idea of “Visiting with David” and the Tulpa emerged as I began to write myself into a journey with a sidekick character I had since I was 9 in most if not all of my stories, John MacCurtis, who had many incarnations and actually was a cornerstone of my “Verse” of the pulp hero adventures. It was through this journey of rediscovery of the past that I opened up the true worth of narrative in healing, self-discovery, and bringing wholeness to one self, it also began the genesis for my second book and first course at a University level, Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred.

Why did this jump out of me now? Simply revisiting old stories I used to enjoy reading, and then meditative reflection on life. For it was through this reflection that led me to one of the most unique tattoos for a pastor of the time to choose, an ANKH, with the op hoop pink. Why? Through the journey, remembering to honour those who aided, the pink for the cancer battle of my godmother and my Mum…

Reflecting here 12 days out of what would have been my Mum’s 64th birthday, but she went to the tea party with Jesus in the Fall of 2013. I ponder, wait, and know that there will be many visits with Mum 2014.



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