A Starry Knight

Posted: July 13, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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The seventh volume of Robinson’s Starman saga takes us into a journey of renewal and transformation for not only Jack Knight, but another Starman from the 1970’s along for the ride, Mikaal Tomas (of the red hair/blue skin).  This collection bounces into deep space and the future but raises many questions for contemplation to reflect upon:

  • How much of our future and what will be our end of story do we truly want to know?
  • How much of our own past anxieties still control and seize us as we enter into our new realities of work, family, life, etc? This is raised as Mikaal who has been healing and journeying through PTSD is called to grow within and heal deeper to become more heroic once more…does he have it within him?
  • But also, as we change, grow and become healthier in our own lives, how much do we allow our past and anxieties to hold us back because we refuse to let them go?


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