Stars my Destination…

Posted: July 13, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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Volume 8 brings one deep into dialogue with Eastern Philosophies (and hey I would encourage a trip through this part of your local bookstore to aid in your own self-enrichment and discovery) as it lays heavy on the conversation and beliefs around reincarnation. The journey to discover Jack’s love’s Sadie’s long lost thought dead super hero brother has been brought to a climax as the said brother is not dead, exactly. Track with me, one body, to existences, essences… Prince Gavyn a Starman of an alien world, and Will Payton a Starman of Earth, both thought dead, both alive in the same body.

Which leaves the Starman rebirthed a choice. Remain on the planet with Gavyn’s soul mate and rule, or return to Earth to Payton’s family? Choices we each must face in life and how we let things like social networks, love and companionship to shape our lives.

Reflecting further, look to men in general in our culture as this can become a meta-narrative, but what happens to most men who have spent their entire lives chasing money, prestige and power when they can no longer work? Or due to health or something else they loose these things precious to them?

For men who have chosen family life, what happens when they no longer have their family?

A true adventure love in life sometimes ends with both partners dying close together (note an earlier post speaking of Sandman and Dian Belmont) but sometimes even a grand love adventure ends with one party sipping tea with Jesus and the other on earth still journeying alone. For many women they have social networks that keep them going, but for men, there can be huge amounts of loneliness, and seeking for something to fill that void. Could it be then that the call to companionship and belonging within that partnered realm actually echoes more strongly in men later in life after a spouse has been lost or past than women?

What happens to the individual when love and/or purpose is lost?

Can/should they find renewal?

If you were Payton/Gavyn what would you choose?


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