Setting aside ego…

Posted: July 18, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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It is quite a unique paradigm that exists within N.E. Calgary. From my own research a few years back in my Masters’ it is the vast majority non-western European descent, working class, yet we have this astounding quandary of the most churches per capita anywheres.

Most of these buildings are multiple congregation use. That is one name on the mast head, and at least 1 more congregation (if not sometimes up to 6) renting. So you have these multiple service times, worship styles, money going in to keep the rent paid, and pastor paid, very little outreach done…and each grouping not even filling one service fully. Yet within this microcosm there is usually great cultural diversity, languages and worship styles…but they each hold to their own brand.

What if N.E. Church, the congregations under one roof set aside their human ego and actually became one faith family? Where diversity of culture, language and worship existed as one? Where monies were pooled to streamline costs, and used to drive out reach for the broader communities youth, children, seniors and working poor…or those families that fall between the gaps due to hiccups in monies… What if we moved to a model in these new unified Community Faith Families that saw us set aside pastor pays to a truly tent making model where pastors worked elsewhere and members of the congregations became equally equipped for spiritual direction, pastoral care, teaching and preaching?

What if???

Questions to be asked, as more churches enter life support but won’t step outside ego to surrender their denominational identity to truly make a change for the positive…


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