Rambling Reflection

Posted: October 26, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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Awaiting. Awakening. Lots of “A” things can run through your mind as you watch a wind storm blow through and snap old branches off and sending them careening down the street. A death in nature that clears out the dead and allows the new to be born. We as humans tend to miss that in our own lives.  There are moments when the wild wind needs to blow through and snap the old dead branches away so the new can be born, yet we fight against the wind like nobody’s business because the old is comfortable, it is the time where we rest in who we are.

WTF? That is the essence of change. For it looks at what is the fear? What is that holding us back? Holding us within the comfortable way of things has always been. In life coaching we dub them gremlins, things that have kept us safe, but also things that can hold us in the fear of change, the fears that keep us away from the true awakening, truly stepping into who we are.

Which brings us into the next WTF? (and I would like to thank the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living and Dr. Pat for the new use of this acronym, brought nice synchronicity to what I have been trying to put words too the last many years)… where’s the faith? Where is the realization of existence within the Holy Mystery? The life defining moment(s) that continue our journey within love to transform ourselves and our world? The little miracles and major miracles we see each and every moment of every day.

I do need to work through the fear of the blank white page, and simply exist in the faith that words will appear and the next story I am meant to embrace will become evident. I reflect more on the encouragement of my friend Deb, of writing of the hidden disciples and the miracles that are evident for those that may not realize the miracles they have. What to do that can reveal the Holy Mystery? It is the path all forms of my writing have taken, exploring the “hero’s journey” to borrow a phrase from Joseph Campbell, for each of us are the hero of our own journey.

And our journey has brought us to once more opening up our home again with a book club associated with the Centre that also explores the hero’s journey through modern mythology (my long time readers will know I have explored these topics on my own with comics; Stargate, Robin Hood and Shakespeare to name but a few), in Jean Houston’s book, the Wizard of Us taking us through the journey of self-discovery with the mythology and metaphor of the Wizard of Oz.

So where’s the faith? It is a unique thing to seek out every day. And something that needs to be looked for within, for that is where transformation comes from as we renew the divine spark within each one of us on this journey we call life.


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