First Reflection on broken glass and taken items

Posted: November 8, 2014 by Ty in Musings
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It can be a disturbing thing to have one’s home violated. Even more disturbing when the question of the spouse is raised whether or not she was home when it happened. The call on the phone to leave work to come back and see what needed to be done. The call answered for aid with kids so they did not have to experience the reality by family. Great work by Calgary Police Service in inspecting the scene, and a great tech who took into account our children’s needs and used the fingerprinting chemicals outside on the surfaces that may have had something.

Yes there was monetary value in the antique jewellery taken, yet that value is nothing in comparison to the familial value of the generations of lives they had been involved in. My Great-Granny; great-Granddad; Nanny; Grandma’s, Grandpa, Granddad and Mum’s taken to more than likely be pawned or melted down by someone(s) needing quick cash.  Last memento’s of those who have rejoined paradise before. Pieces of the story of our family’s journey within this world gone forever and left with the memories of them alone, sure insurance can create replica’s but the value is not within the piece, but rather in the soul that once carried it as part of their journey.

This it the challenge of a burglary when those victimized speak of trauma. It is not the items taken, but the pieces of the person that are now missing. For if they are simple things like electronics or movies, replacement is simple, but when they are an integral piece of the journey that is when the soul is scarred deeply.

But the beauty is that yes these are simply things that were taken, and the blessing being that no one was home, no one was injured. So those, whom eyes you peer into and the soul and lives of those lost are reflected in, are still living life. Still moving forward. The actions of the family still honouring the path lay before us. Yes the pieces, the items of the stories may be gone, but the love passed through life, the values embedded, are still here in the four of us, and yes we will continue the journey, and continue to have an open house to all. Continue to be a port of welcome, and continue through the little things in life.

So to whomever felt the need to violate our physical space, and to steal those things that helped us remember the walk we have learned, we are sorry for you that this is a choice you have made, and hope that one day these choices of negativity and harm will end so that you too may be able to live a life of love, and positive transformation within this world.


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