Pilgrimage to Our Soul: 12 Powers of Robin Hood (Free E-book)

Posted: December 9, 2014 by Ty in Pilgrimage to Our Soul E-book
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It is a winding path that has brought this book about. It is a sequel to my traditionally published, Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred. This work comes at a crossroads within my own spiritual journey. I am a soul called Franciscan in spiritual Charism, which has opened my mind to Universalism within belief. Long time readers know of mine and my family’s spiritual journeys, the ups and downs within traditional Christendom, and yes even the meanderings into Unitarianism, New Thought (Unity), Science of Mind, and Eastern traditions.

Here is where I have arrived at in the space of a new journey to share in some soul shaping. For it is in shaping our own souls, we can then live out to shape our world in positive ways, tap into the 12 Powers, the 12 archetypes of life energy. My meta-narrative has been Robin Hood, but as you journey through these pages, what is your meta-narrative? What archetypes resonate with you in the 12 Powers? Please feel free to share these as well.

Read Pilgrimage to Our Soul The 12 Powers of Robin Hood

The Original 12 Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore


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