Heroes Return Part Three: Knighthood

Posted: December 14, 2014 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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Rick’s thumb moves across the inscription. Maybe John had been right to lock the ring away from temptation of transformation. The promises made to Susan not to step back into the breach, he has the children to think of now. Yet there is his twin, his nemesis, the reincarnation of Mordred. The one that is supposed to be in the void again, the one sucked into the void by Morgan Le Faye and it appeared two had been one and then none.

Yet here was the Ionic Knight standing mere feet away from John MacCurtis, his alleged best friend since he was adopted by the Harumphs and raised as their son from elementary school onwards. Who a scant six months after Merlin visited him, revealed the sky effect had turned him into a living ball of kinetic energy, which three years after and a visit to the mystical realm of Camelot would see John discovered the second ring and the energy of Herne the Hunter, the Celtic God tied into the Robin Hood mythos took symbiotic life within him, but now he is the Mayor, no powers, no demigod. And very close to dying at the hands of ultimate evil and yet a promise to Rick’s soul mate has him hesitate a fraction of a second.

“Bionics On!” the lightning cascades out of the sky and up from the ground shaking Olympic Plaza. The energy courses through, Rick feels the armour form around him. The gold shimmering armour with the sword Excalibur in his hilt as he draws it and it stops the other blade mere inches away from John. His left gauntleted hand crashes into the silver armoured jaw of his opponent sending him careening backwards.

Cameras and phones are going off; older talking heads note the armour and realize what has happened. John looks up at his once friend. It had been too long since they had talked, had coffee, he had played with his God kids or talked to Susan. But he lets out a laugh realizing the situation “hope you like the couch B.K.”

The Bionic Knight looks down at John and whispers, “tell you after I finish off this chump.”

The silver armoured knight stands up and sheaths his sword. His red eyes glow and spark as he makes notes of the golden armoured hero. “You are supposed to be dead.”

The Bionic Knight laughs out loud. “To quote Mark Twain, reports of my demise have been highly exaggerated. Oh and don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.” The Bionic Knight flies his left shoulder catches the Ionic Knight in the midsection as he veers upwards into the sky holding on his opponent. The Ionic Knight’s fists pummel his back producing dents in the armour that B.K. knows will leave bruising when he changes back, but he needs to clear his opponent from innocent bystanders.

John watches the two take launch as police swarm around him. They begin moving him back towards city hall. John can’t take his eyes off the two leaving forms. A smile crosses his face. And he thinks to himself…where’s my ring?

In a living room of a split level, a stay at home mum with blonde hair watches the City T.V. news break from the mayor’s press conference. She drops the remote and feels her jaw slacken at the sight before her.

“Rick…” Susan gasps as she watches her husband launch at the one foe he was never able to beat. “come home to me.”

To Be Continued

Next: What awaits beyond the void?


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