Heroes Return Part Four: Throwdown

Posted: December 17, 2014 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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There was a time in the four waves of Supra’s that it became slightly darker than normal. Where villains stood united towards world domination and almost triumphed as heroic egos kept away from the concept of team. Then the unthinkable happened to the United Villainy, for you see the heroic ego was put aside so a team could arise, its light so bright that it beat back the shadows, the Great Crime Fighters were born and villainy was caged.

Years wore on, and silently the Great Crime Fighters faded into the shadows they once fought to remove. The fourth wave was silenced and vanished; a new more violent era of heroism was born. That era came to an explosive end with the powerful PenDragon being destroyed by the now revealed Ionic Knight’s return to supremacy, and a call to rule Calgary.

It was in that moment, when former fourth wave hero, John MacCurtis, turned mayor was threatened that Rick Saturn stepped into the breach of heroism once more returning to battle evil as the Bionic Knight. One gutsy move, two words uttered and one shoulder lifting the Ionic Knight up from Olympic Plaza into the sky as John MacCurtis is hustled into City Hall by the Police.

Mystery’s eyes narrow as he watches the two forms streak into the sky on the store display window’s flat screen. The Bionic Knight was back in action. Not only back in action but fighting his nemesis, what about the next step? What did it mean for him as the Chinook wind started dying down? Mystery wrapped the thinning winter coat around him.

Perhaps the time had come; perhaps it was a new dawn.

The Ionic Knight’s eyes focused on the Bionic Knight’s back as they ascended higher in the sky.  A grin formed underneath the helmet of the Ionic Knight as he brought both his fists down onto the small of his opponents back breaking the hold as the two went past the roof of City Hall, where an electrically charged whip flies out and loops around the Bionic Knight.

From the shadows is the maniacal man with the wooden face. Killer Face.

John MacCurtis looks out the window of his office from old City Hall to the new steel and glass one across the way. He watches his friend being pummelled by the two greatest villains he had ever faced. The heroic rust showing through, he slumps behind his desk and opens up the top drawer. John’s eyes fall onto a ring box.

In Olympic Plaza, in rumpled suit and trench coat looks to the sky, he smiles. After years of serving the agency that tracked supra normal occurrences, it had been too quiet, with nothing happening for the new ones but watching body counts. The fun was back in now. Agent Louie Regis, bungler, secret agent, and all around mystery solver. Reaching into his holster he draws his .38 and heads towards the new City Hall, he needed to get to the roof to aid the Bionic Knight.

As the agent’s black dress shoes hit the cement outside of the city hall, a sonic boom shakes the glass of surrounding buildings. Killer Face whirls around as a black gloved face smashes into his wooden head sending splinters flying.

The Bionic Knight feels new power course through him as he flexes and snaps the depowered whip. The Ionic Knight’s sword slams into the Bionic Knights chest as the mayor’s office window in old City Hall explodes outwards.

To Be Continued

Next: Are these the Great Crime Fighters?

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