Heroes Return Part 6: Who be the Heroes?

Posted: December 22, 2014 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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Heroes have always needed a rallying cry. It has been a dark time. But light is shinning. Old villains have emerged to show the newer more violent generation of heroes that they are not as bad ass as they believe. The battle was ensued by renewed heroes of the fourth wave of Supras. The fourth wave, unlike the violent fifth, has been making quick work of their old foes. For it is not always about killing your opponent as judge, jury and executioner, rather it is about playing the game to a checkmate.

MacCurtis found the energy course through him. He was expecting chain mail and a bow, but something else happened. A true throwback as the energy coursing through him as he bounced back at K his fist connecting and sending the villain slamming into the street unconscious. The newly re-powered PinBall landed in a heroic squat next to the unconscious villain.

He smirked, feeling sixteen again as he looked at the Speedster. “Guess the fastest girl alive got caught in a speed trap?”

“Funny old timer,” Speedster retorted. “At least I didn’t show up last.”

MacCurtis chuckled. In his PinBall guise he was completely bright red skin and white unitard from head to toe, with flaming red and orange hair. He chuckled. Agent Regis and Power moved closer to the newly reanimated mayor. The media was moving in.

Regis clicked on his smart phone and sent out a message for a cleanup crew to collect Killer Face and K. He looked at the three heroes. A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter is first to get a microphone into PinBall’s face.

“Did we just see that PinBall who historically became the Bionic Archer is none other than Calgary’s own Mayor, John MacCurtis?”

PinBall looked to the reporter. Exhaled, and simply said “off.” The red skin and blue outfit of PinBall vanished to reveal the mayor in a much ripped suit coat. “Yes, and I stand with my comrades, my friends, Louie, Johnny Power, Speedster and the Bionic Knight. We are the Great Crime Fighters and we are back to protect this city, province, country and world.”

Susan watches on the screen at the viciousness of the blow from her husband. His greatest fear had always been losing control in a battle with James’ of all people, and crossing the line, the line that heroes did not cross, but the slice of the sword had never drawn blood before.

                The Bionic Knight looked at his reeling brother. He slowly draws Excalibur and raises it over his neck in the mid air. One stroke and it would all be over…The Ionic Knight rolls over in midair and sends a gauntleted fist into the Bionic Knight’s throat, The Ionic Knight’s bloody face and broken teeth as he looks up at his brother and grips his sword arm. “Ionics off.” An eruption of lightning from his chest-

The Bionic Knight lets out a quick breath, “Camelot.”

Susan watches through the television. Her husband and brother-in-law locked in battle. The words of the Mayor, her kids godfather echoing in her ears. The Great Crime Fighters are back. And they are victorious over evil and yet the main fight is not over.

John looks up.

The charred gauntlet lands at his feet.

The two aerial combatants are gone.

Susan watches as the camera zooms into the empty blue sky. A talking head continues… “On a day of victory as Canada’s greatest heroes have reunited to protect our nation, its darkest time, the Bionic Knight is believed to have fallen in battle.”

Tears stream down Susan’s face.

To be concluded

Next: Bionics Off. Ionics Off. Camelot.



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