Heroes Return: Epilogue

Posted: January 1, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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The Transition of James Saturn, the Ionic Knight

                The Void was finalized when Camelot fell by his hand. Excalibur met the mystical centre of the Round Table and caused an implosion of black hole proportions. Yet he lived, and well he did not. Now simply floating in the void waiting whatever comes next. Arthur, Merlin, Gerklyn, Morgan, Mordred have all vanished, as well as the Lady of the Lake (that lived in the centre of the table.

James watches his silver armour float before him, the mystical energy that remains holding it together. It is the soul presence of the Ionic Knight, the other voice in his crowded head. What had Merlin said before his twin had lashed out, both of them had not meant to be. It was mystical coercion that created the twins that would go on to survive the massacre.

James reaches out with his hand to touch the armour. The final light snuffed out as the blackness envelopes the armour and the Ionic Knight vanishes into the ether.

* * * *

Rick scratched his goatee as he stared out the poly plastic over space that had once been John MacCurtis’ mayoral office. John looked at his old friend. “So you drove your sword…”

“Into the Round Table, next thing I know I am standing in my back yard and Susan’s there, and my armour is no longer shimmering gold, but back to the retro look of grey.” John nods at his friend’s account. “And Excalibur did not make the journey; as far as I can tell neither did my brother.”

It always struck John as weird that Rick still used the family euphemism for James, since the massacre when they were both pre-schoolers they had not been raised together or lived together, yet he still felt kinship to his twin. “And in Camelot Merlin basically stated James was not supposed to exist to begin with?”

“One of us wasn’t.” Rick sips his coffee. There was quite a bit of water under the bridge if you will between John and Rick, but also with his brother James in the cat and mouse game of super heroics. That was before James returned on the scene executing Calgary’s temperamental killing hero, PenDragon, and triggering Rick’s return to being the Bionic Knight and gathering together other heroes of his era to regroup as the Great Crime Fighters.

“So no more Bionic Archer for you?” Rick asks.

John smirks. “Nope, I went out the window with the explosion and did the Bionics On bit only to have my latent Supra gene kick in and go back to being PinBall. It was a blast, forgot what it was like to just bounce and feel the energy surge.” Rick nods; it had been a long time since he felt that. John moves towards the file cabinet in his office and opens it, pulls out a sword.  “Guess this is yours then.”

Rick takes the sword and it shimmers away. Chivalry, his brother’s blade now part of his armour when he uses what little magic is left.

“It is weird though John, to know that my twin has transitioned, and yet I don’t feel any emptier. Yet for home many years did those sorcerers’ convince us that we both needed to exist.”

John nods, and pours himself a new cup of coffee. “At least you still have a secret identity in all this mess, I kind of made prime time with my bouncing around.” He should say something to his friend about his loss, but in all honesty all the mayor could think of was that this villain was finally gone. It made the world safer, and by making the world safer, it made life simpler and better.

* * * * *

The darkness surrounded James’. Was this what Heaven was like? Or was he in Hell? Being in what had been pictured as pits of eternal torment and burning, but truly was just nothing. What was this a C.S. Lewis version of the end? Simply ceasing to exist?

But a small spark of light. A light in the darkness, creative spark that draws James forward, as he feels his mind open up. A revelation, no more than that, the opportunity being laid before him, not to reside in a hellfire and brimstone torment, or live in a heaven with an anthropomorphic God, a veritable old man in the sky, but rather a union with a Divine Creative Force.

A union that makes the Void vanish.

James smiles as enlightenment shines his soul a new.

* * * *

Night has fallen on Calgary. Rick removes the Bionic Knight helmet as he lands on the top of the Calgary Tower.

Chivalry in its scabbard, he scans the city scape. A star to the north bursts a little brighter.

Rick smiles.

“Rest well James.”

His soul is filled with the knowledge of his brother’s transition. Finally at peace with himself, and knowing that he could not be used as a pawn for evil anymore.

Rick puts his helmet back on and launches into the night.


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