In memory of Marcus Borg, 1942 – 2015

Posted: January 22, 2015 by Ty in Current Events
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I have to admit I will miss the new books by this theologian. He was one whose teachings/writings shaped my understanding of faith while I was still involved in traditional/mainstream Christendom. I discovered Borg during my years in Bible College, around the same time I discovered the Jesus Seminar, and his compatriot John Dominic Crossan and others such as Matthew Fox (in Seminary), and well for John Shelby Spong and Desmond Tutu I would have to go back to my Confirmation within the United Church of Canada at 19 years of age.

But Marcus Borg’s work truly resonated in my Franciscan Charism as he brought to the forefront the use of Social Sciences, most notably Sociology and Anthropology in the understanding of the ancient texts, and who Jesus of Nazareth was. Borg held to a  Progressive Christian Understanding, and yes his works such as First Christmas and Last Week shaped a deeper understanding for the Nativity Story and Easter. His other works such as Reading the Bible again for the First Time, Jesus, etc. shaped a deeper understanding of how to approach sacred texts and historical figures within their proper contexts.

Sadly, Borg will not be the only theological giant of free thought that will transition in the next few years as these great thinkers age, but I will direct the reader unfamiliar with this man to the last volume of his I picked up “Convictions” that truly looked at faith, reason and life. I would also challenge the reader to look at whatever their sacred texts are or beliefs in a deeper mysticism, and anthropological context.


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